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Good aging in place is the provision of housing for the elderly to live in their own home. The quality of life is good, physical, mental and social as long as possible. According to the survey, 90% of the elderly wanted to stay in their old home rather than stay in a nursing home. But home-made youth may want to adjust or use technology to help with age and the disease. This site contains news, news, events. Evaluation form for the public And professional assessment To help older Thai people in their home more joy.


Knowledge of multidisciplinary experts in the field of health, technology and design fields, architects in environmental adjustment techniques for the elderly to be healthy, physically, mentally and socially. And the learning community. We welcome you to apply the evaluation form. Just take a moment and fill in the name and email to promote the activities and knowledge that will benefit you further.

How to be Self assessment?

A simple assessment that anyone can use to test whether your home or your family. Suitable for the elderly? This assessment helps you see improvements. It is highly recommended that you consult a recommended specialist.

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Aging in Place: Housing Options

Introduction Successfully aging in place takes planning. Before a senior adult decides that moving is necessary, he or she should determine whether the present home can be modified to meet current needs. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to move because remaining in one’s home has become impractical. When this happens, there are other options—each with its advantages and disadvantages.