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Society will become a part of society inevitably. Therefore, countermeasures, it is considered a function of children in the family. Because when entering the period. The elderly usually have the temperament that changed from the original.

Both hormones and routine changes like that from ever coming to work every day, it must be replaced with homes dormant in so many families, the elderly experiencing depression. Children need to understand the mood of the elderly. And preparing shelters need to create an environment that encourages the use of your daily life easier.

The position of living space

Normally, the general design is required to position the area as a base already. However, the positioning of living space for the elderly is a delicate matter than normal. Introduction to the elderly on the ground floor of the house to reduce the up - and down the stairs to the bedrooms on the north or east. This is the light that has been useful to some extent. It also allows for natural air circulation in the room for cooling and reduce discomfort. Because many seniors are not popular in a room where the air conditioner due to health problems and often feel colder than usual.

Starting from understanding

For Thailand, it is stated that The elderly are individuals who are over 60 years old. Therefore, knowing that adults in the house reach the age limit Consider the basics that people are elderly in any level. In order to help the children prepare the care properly and fit the needs Which can be divided into 3 levels as follows.

-Elderly green group Is the elderly who can do the normal daily activities on their own But still need to receive care and hygiene advice for good health in the future
-Elderly yellow group Is the elderly who start to have a deterioration of the body or have some health problems But can help themselves, may have to get more care from family members
-Elderly orange group Is the elderly who have health problems Must rely on equipment and caregivers mostly And often live in the house.

Safety material

In addition to the location of the aging area that must be appropriate The materials used in the area must be designed to support the use of a particular age. Such as using tiles that have a slightly rough surface to prevent slippery The color used should be a bright tone. Not too hard Always make the surface Bathroom sanitary ware is easy to use. Not hard to open or too complicated Handrails in the corridor and in the bathroom should be mounted at a height of about 80 - 90 centimeters from the entrance to the toilet or shower spot. For holding the handle instead of holding or pulling various sanitary devices For safety and avoiding accidents that are more likely to occur than other members of the family.

Size and distance of objects around

According to the law, there will be different sizes and stages As a basis for designing for the elderly already (Universal Design) So that the elderly can easily use their daily lives For example, the bedroom should have at least 10 - 12 square meters of space for 1 person (excluding bathroom space) or 16 - 20 square meters for 2 people Or the slope of the ramp must not exceed 1:12, such as the ground level of 1 meter must have a 12-meter long ramp and the corridor size should be at least 150 cm in diameter for convenience in the case that the elderly have to use wheelchairs.

Activity area

According to health screening data for the elderly and the disabled, it is found that the elderly have a 33% chance of depression So much For example, when observing that the elderly prefer planting trees Should design a small vertical garden if the family is in the city There is not enough space. Including making small waterfalls because the sound of running water will help create a lot of relaxation for the elderly.

Arrangement of order of living space

In most cases, the elderly usually do not use a lot of space because the movement of each day is less. Such as from waking up The bathroom should be in the same area as the bedroom or if it is necessary to do physical work or exercise a little as the doctor ordered. Should have a balcony outside the small room For activities For convenience and reduce the risk of accidents during the day.

Safety equipment

In addition to sanitary and furniture materials designed for the elderly Installing the transmitter for help (Emergency Call Bell) Including CCTV is an important thing that should not be overlooked By attaching the transmitter that should be attached to the head of the bed in the bedroom Bathroom, living room And connected to the alarm bell installed at every point of the house In order to hear the ring immediately and help in time.

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