Walk in the forest for 15 minutes, with good results for 1 month

I've talked with my wife's girl-age patients with little cerebral boprasat disease and spinal cord atrophy (Spinocerebellar ataxia). With the suspect in a vivid style, she the need to take care of people that regression to body condition and cannot have children. She is still able to laugh and cheer. Therefore asked what was the secret Makes her not stressed Actually, she admitted that she was stressed. Every time thinking about what will happen in the future but every time stressful, she will 'go wild' Entering the forest pulling her back to the present and live with the truth in life as is true.
From the research from 20 woman in Japan Effects of Walking in a Forest on Young Women (Song C,Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2019) "we stress we exaggerate we multitask and sooner later life is go by and you realize that you never living Forrest therapy gives you the state of living"

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