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About Us

By 2030, Thailand is home to about one fifth of the population of the country. It is the 3rd largest proportion to Japan and Singapore. This is an urgent need to prepare the housing environment that is suitable for the body. The Elderly's Mind and Society In the year 2017, the Rector's Conference of Thailand started the project Innovation Hubs The Smart Home for the Aging Society aims to standardize the evaluation model. Residential development And application of technology to support the Aging in Place approach. This means that the elderly are able to live in their own homes happily and sustainably. Even today, there is a development of elderly care facilities. But the survey found that. Elderly 90% want to stay in their original home. More than just moving into a new environment. But to achieve this. To adapt to the changes in the physical, emotional and social changes of the elderly. This requires knowledge from the multidisciplinary team. Including a professional assessment. To increase awareness of aging in place in Thai society. This project has been supported by many sectors including architects, physiotherapists Technology experts and designersThe 15 elderly dwellings were collected in Chiang Mai. This is a public report to provide advice on how to build a shelter for the elderly. And the assessment of shelter for the elderly can be used. Chiangmai Creative recognizes the importance of dealing with the elderly society and the changes that will occur. It is therefore reasonable to support the implementation of social development for the elderly in order to develop the community. Society and the city are sustainable.



2.1 to develop a Good Aging in Place website, a social resource for the elderly and an expert source of advice from the elderly.
2.2 To develop a model for assessing the appropriate housing for older people.
2.3 To organize training activities and disseminate how to evaluate appropriate shelter for older people.

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Mr. Martin Venzky-Stalling

Assist. Prof. Surat Tanprawate, MD

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Assist. Prof. Patama Gomutbutra, MD

Mr. Worachet Potawong

Ms. Nattakan Ruenmool