"Good Aging in Place"

"สูงวัย สุขใจ ในบ้าน"

"Good Aging in Place"

"สูงวัย สุขใจ ในบ้าน"

"Good Aging in Place"

What is Good aging in place ?

Good aging in place is the provision of housing for the elderly to live in their own home. The quality of life is good, physical, mental and social as long as possible. According to the survey, 90% of the elderly wanted to stay in their old home rather than stay in a nursing home. But home-made youth may want to adjust or use technology to help with age and the disease. This site contains news, news, events. Evaluation form for the public And professional assessment To help older Thai people in their home more joy.



Isolated from society Has a health effect equivalent to 15 cigarettes a day.

The message May sound unbelievable But from the study. And personal experience, it was found. Older people stop socializing. Risk of vascular disease And dementia is up to about 30% The effect of smoking 15 cigarettes a day! In the past, grandchildren still live with grandmother's eyes. The village is known. Changing into the elderly alone. Like western society The survey in America. Almost half (46%) felt alone. How do we deal with this condition? 1. home visits Thailand has a home visit system. District Health Promotion Hospital (STD) and the Public Health Volunteer Team However, the limitations of home visits are human resources and time. Imagine that if there is an elderly person in the home who is in the care of 50 homes in one month, they should visit one house at a time. 2. Use of technology The smart home technology system (smart home) technology. Understanding the needs of the elderly, such as K4connect, the elderly can choose whether they want to have an appointment to play online games with friends (such as if the temperature is warm. I have a mood to talk.) There is an intelligent calendar that reminds me of important dates. Family member Call to talk, etc. Unfortunately The technology is only available in America. In our house May start with review. The last time we called the house or line to our beloved elder was ... Sometimes Just a short chat Once a week May help reduce coronary heart disease. Dementia No less than taking you to the annual health check.

News and Activities

  • ChiangMaiConnect x ChivaCare: 'HealthyLiving, GoodAging' Meet-up

    Posted in News on Aug 23, 2018

    ChivaCare will be co-hosting an event "Healthy Living, Good Aging" together with "Chiang Mai Connect", the NTCC and other international and local chambers of commerce, Creative Chiang Mai, and other organisations from Chiang Mai and the rest of Thailand.

    The seminar and networking event will feature special curated talks from expert speakers on 'Healthy Living, Good Aging'. The Aging Society concerns the long-term, holistic approach of how individuals, businesses, and governments alike react and co-create innovations for better-living.

    https://www.facebook.com/events/1688970007878965/ https:...

The importance of the project

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